Style Property is managed by property investors and we understand that . . . .

  • Your property is an investment and you are focused on the bottom line

  • Even a week of vacancy each year can impact your cash-flow and make a big difference

  • The worry, time and cost a bad tenant can cause you

  • Your single biggest cost is your mortgage and the impact of an interest rate rise

  • How unnecessary expenses effect your return and how timely maintenance can save you money

  • You need to create equity in your property so you can leverage to invest further

  • Property advice must be reliable, trustworthy and from experienced hands on investors

  • The confidence and peace of mind a comprehensive property management service gives you

  • You want property investment to be easy and you want a return from your investment

Remember stay focused and avoid common mistakes

Treat your property as a business and bear in mind it's a long term journey. Keep on top of the goals you want to achieve and the milestones you need along the way.
Don't assume you can do it all by yourself. Form a property investing team of people around you that can help.

• Don't lose sight of the big picture. Regularly review your goals and when you have started investing, check on your portfolio's fundamentals regularly. E.g. your equity, available depreciation, cash flow, rents, interest rates etc. to make sure you optimise your portfolio to its maximum potential.

• Don't neglect your property. You may have what it takes to manage your own investment property, but consider using a professional property manager.

• Create a realistic budget that factors in the running costs, repayments, rates, insurance etc of owning investment property and ensure you can meet them.

• Factor in a scenario of what would happen if the property is vacant for 2 - 3 months and ensure you have a contingency plan that can meet this cost.

• Falling in love with property, not the numbers. Always crunch the numbers before you invest, and treat your property investment as a business, don't get sentimental about an investment property.

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