Why Choose Us

Property management by property professionals.
We build house and therefore know everything about them. Property management is not just tenant management it is asset management. Who would you use to look after your car a driving instructor or a mechanic?
The choice is easy, call Style today.

Peter - Partner PWC

....... "I have seen a lot of companies small and large and the systems they run ....Style uses leading edge
software that gives me the assurance and the comfort that my investment properties are being well looked after.......I have no hesitation in recommending the Style team"
Partner PWC

Stephen & Donna


"I haven't had to do a thing, Style built the houses and now manages them, they have organised everything, insurance, valuations, depreciation schedules and tenants"
Busy medical professional

Phil Thompson


"I have no hesitation highly recommending Style Property Management. They have built great relationships with my tenants and remove the ''hassle factor' from owning and maintaining rental property. The experience of the Style team means that they are able to proactively manage my properties and that potenial issues are identified and dealt with early, saving me money in the long term. The investment in their services is minor compared to what they have saved me. Get them on board - you wont regret it"
Phil Thompson
Managing Director
Edge Creative